Virtual Assistant Services

As business owners, we can become overwhelmed with the day to day things that need to take place. We understand that you wish you had more time to focus on the more important task, that's why we offer a wide variety of

Virtual Assistant Services!! 

We'll be the partner in your business that takes care of the  task that make your eyes glaze over !!

(*For pricing, please reach out!!)

Female Developers

Administrative Services

  • Data Entry

  • Calendar Management 

  • Schedule Management

  • Transcription

  • Bookkeeping

  • Online Research

  • PowerPoint/ Presentation Preparation

  • Spreadsheet Creation/management

  • Document/template creation

  • Proofreading


Laptop Typing on Bed

Bloggin/Digital Marketing

  • Affiliate Manager

  • Article/Guest Posting Submissions 

  • Research

  • Blog Assistant

  • Content Creation

  • Proofreading/Editing

  • Social Media Assistance

  • Project Coordination/Management

  • Event Coordination


The Wall of Ideas

Offline Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Flyer/brochure design

  • Invitations

  • Set Up Content for and E-Book

  • Forms for clients/Employees

  • * Event Support

Business Support

  (online and offline)

  • Online Customer Service (email,chat, social media)

  • Appointment Setting

  • Project Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Follow-up w/ potential customers or joint venture partners

  • Press Release preparation

  • Travel Planning

  • Event Planning

  • Author Assistant

  • Social Media

    • schedule post​

    • content creation

    • proofreading/editing material